Why Carres Croise?

As you may (or not) know Carres Croise means crossword in French.  Crossword being a game which requires thought, problem solving and forward thinking. Much like learning how to and playing at online casinos.

What do you need?

You need to know unbiased, useful information on how to get the most enjoyment from online casinos and slots. Enjoyment could be from being entertained or by winning large sums of cash. Enjoyment is down to your individual tastes. But we will try to help

What can we do?

Carres Croise will share reviews and analysis. If you are looking for transparent, unbiased casino and game reviews, its the place to be. We have decided to look at the Casino Rewards Group of companies for now.

We will keep you update on these companies.

Who are we?

Two people, one French, one Germany writing in English. Go figure!